About Us - History

Established in the year 1984 at Khreuh, Anantnag by The Hajipir Brigade as Hajipir Army Public School, it was meant only for wards of Army persons with the staff being drawn out of officers’ ladies.  Initially, only nursery classes were conducted.  With the move of The Hajipir Brigade to Trehgam, the school also shifted to Trehgam garrison. The staff was drawn exclusively from army persons and their families in station.  Subsequently, two local teachers were hired. 

 Due to advent of militancy, the school was closed in 1997 and remained closed till 1999, when it was reopened under aegis of The Hajipir Brigade (Education Branch).  The school then had strength of approximately                      110 students with only Nursery and LKG classes.  Due to militancy in the area, the school functioned within the Trehgam garrison with the Brigade Education Branch solely responsible for the overall running and administration of the school.

In 2002, the school was given an independent piece of land at Sheikh Pura Bala, where the school was re-established as Hajipir Army Goodwill School (HAGS) under Operation Sadhbhavana. On 15 August 2002, the school was inaugurated with only two buildings in the school premises and classes for Nursery and LKG only.  The school gradually became popular amongst the locals and more number of students started joining this school. With gradual increase of strength over the years, more number of classes  were introduced.  By 2008, the school had upgraded itself to 8th standard. 

 Various projects were under taken by The Hajipir Brigade under Operation Sadhbhavana for the improvement of the school.  In 2008, three class rooms were constructed and much of the infrastructure as existing today was provided to the school.  In August 2010, four civil buses were hired to provide conveyance for students from far flung areas.  In 2011, a Basketball ground was constructed in Hajipir Army Goodwill School (HAGS) for the students.  In addition to this, a fully equipped computer laboratory was established in May 2011 and today Basic Computer education is being provided to the students of HAGS.

Unique Character. As evident from its history, the school which started as small venture for the children of army personnel soon opened its folds to the local population as a goodwill gesture. It provided a platform for interaction with the parents of the local children and showcased the humanitarian face of the Army. Initially, the school was run by employing few locals for subsidiary jobs and officer ladies formed the entire teaching staff.  Later, due to repeated requests of prominent citizens of neighboring villages, the school permitted limited enrolment of local boys and girls.  In view of the deteriorating security environment in the 90s, the school had to switch to entirely local civil clientele and also resorted to hiring of local civilians as teaching staff.  Till 2002, the school was run exclusively under the arrangements of The Hajipir Brigade and thereafter came under Sadhbhavana, wherein the school was meant to provide education to the local populace.

Hajipir Army Goodwill, School, Trehgam better known as HAGS, was started under aegis of The Hajipir Brigade in the year 1984 with the main objective  of providing a sound platform with primary schooling to children in and around Trehgam.