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Guidelines for Parents/Guardians:

1. Make sure that your child reaches the school on time and is in full, neat and smart uniform.

2. Check your child’s diary daily and find out what assignments have been given by the teachers.

3. See that the child does his assignment daily.

4. Occasional remarks sent to you by the Principal or the teacher, through diary should be studied carefully and respond promptly.

5. Do not allow your ward to carry valuable articles, extra money and irrelevant books to the school.

6. Please attend parent teacher meeting to know the performance of your ward.

7. Please send your remarks or any other information through the school diary. You must not visit your wards or teaches in the class room without the permission of the Principal.

8. In case of sickness inform the school immediately and later send a medical certificate.

9. The name of the student will be struck off from the school record if they are absent for 7 consecutive days without prior permission.

10. Insubordination, cheating, stealing, destruction of school property, regular late coming and other acts of indiscipline will render a student to be expelled from school.

11. On National Holidays like 15th August and 26th January, presence of students is compulsory in the school.

12. Parents may approach Principal in case a Pupil requires additional help to overcome inherent weakness in a subject.

13. Parents are requested not to visit their wards in the class rooms without prior permission from the school.

14. Parents are requested to meet the concern teachers of their wards regularly on specified open days, or as and when requested by school through the Principal or Parent Teacher Meeting.

15. No student is permitted to leave the school premises without permission of the Principal, which may be granted only on basis of written request of the parents. 


The aim of the school is produce disciplined children who are punctual, gentle, truthful and sincere to themselves, their colleagues and the country. To ensure this following code is adopted by the school.


1. Every student should carry the school diary.

2. Each student must be punctual and regular in attendance. A student will be eligible to sit for the examination if he/she has 75% attendance to his/her credit.

3. Students who come to the school on their own should arrive at school ten minutes before the bell rings.

4. Those who come late to the school or absent themselves on the previous day must bring a letter from the parents giving reasons for coming late and being absent.

5. Students should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed. The school uniform must be worn on all working days.

6. Changing class rooms between periods, where necessary, should be done in silence and in an orderly manner. 

7. Shouting and Whistling is not allowed in school.Students must not be rude or disobedient to teachers, head boy/head girl/house captains. Don’t use abusive or offensive language in your conversation

8. Students are not supposed to miss any teaching/games/activity period. 

9. It is not advisable to bring valuable articles to the school.

10. Girls should not apply the nail polish or Mahanadi during the school session.

11. Students must develop the habit of conversing in Urdu/English all the time. Learn to speak softly, clearly and with courtesy on the ground.

12. Take pride in caring school property. Remember that it belongs to the community and you are a part of school community. Take full care of the class furniture, Habit of writing or carving names on benches, scratching etc should be discarded.

14. Students must rise when any Teacher, Non Commissioned Officer, Officer In Charge or Visitor comes to talk to them.

15. Waste papers and waste materials must be disposed of in the waste paper basket / dustbin.

16. No boy or girl is allowed to bring expensive articles such as camera, mobile phone, rings or any form of jewelry in the school. Students must not leave the school premises during the school hours without permission of the principal.

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